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Thermal Red Ceramic Insulation

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Premium Ceramic Fibre Blanket - Thermal Red 1260

 and 1425°C in various Thickness and Density Combinations.
and maintaining good tensile strength, available in 1260°C

Thermal Red Premium Ceramic fibre Blanket is a double needled blanket especialy manufacturing for industrial high Temperature Application,Containing no binding agent and maintaining good tensile strength , available in 1460°Cand 1425°C in various Thickness and Density Combinations.

Features : 

  • Double Needled Blanket
  • Low  Thermal Conductivity
  • Excellent  Insulation propertie
  • Excellent  Tensile strength
  • Excellent  Chemical Stability
  • Low weight comparatively oth
  • Resistant  to  Thermal Shock
  • Flexible and easy  to  cut
  • Good  Sound Absorption

Application : 

  • Industrial Furnace, Kiln and Own.
  • Back and wall lining material.
  • Furnace expansion joints, door, roof heat insulation seal.
  • High temperature pipe insulation material.
  • Pipe covering insulation of commercial dryers and covers
  • Heat treating and annealing furnaces
  • Furnace door linings, seals and hot face repairs
  • Reusable turbine covers
  • Veneer over existing refractory

Availability : 

Customized Sizes available on Request.

    Thickness mm  


  Roll Size(Width mm) 

  Roll Size (Length mm) 

    6  96/128   610   610x7200
   13  96/128   610   610x7200
   25  64/96/128/160   610   610x7200
   38  64/96/128/160   610   610x3600
   50  64/96/128/160   610