Insulation Pillows

Insulation pillows/bags type of insulation generally used in turbine insulation and in high-temperature equipment in refineries are ideal for effective, clean and compact insulation type, widely accepted for its easy dismantling and assembling in compleax shapes fitting complex shapes of turbines, flanges, valves. Silica cloth is widely used as the cloth for manufacturing these pillows and Rockwool for insulation.

High-temperature yarns, staples and hooks are the ancillaries used along with it for the fixing purpose.

Applications: Industrial Oil & Gas,Power Plant & Food Industries.

  • Sizes Coustomised On Request
  • Thickness 25mm(Min) 150mm(Max)
  • Density(kg/m3) 50(Min) 160(Max)
  • Facing Silicon Coated,Aluminium Foil.

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